A Climactic Conclusion to Football Senior Dodgers’ High School Career


Stevie LaFerriere, Sports Editor

After seemingly endless hours in the weight room and on the practice field, after countless beads of fallen sweat, after three consecutive undefeated seasons, the Madison High School Class of 2013 has accomplished that which they have so long sought: a spotless record. The night of the championship, twitter updates lauded the undefeated senior class. An extraordinary few can make that claim, and none deserve it more than Chris Kubik and the 2012 Football Dodgers, who have now grasp hold of the ninth longest high school football win streak in America at thirty-seven games, the most recent of those being a 13-0 victory over the previously undefeated Mountain Lakes in the North 2, Group 2 Regional Championship.

A blowout is just how the Madison defense would end their season. After allowing an average of only eleven points a game, the Dodger defense deserves some special attention. The spectacular running back trio of Uzoma Egbuchulam, Spencer Herman, and Michael Sammaro went nowhere, locked into a combined 145 rushing yards. The Madison defense, led by Matt McDonald and Devin Koep, made for an unforgettable performance.

Mountain Lakes was a daunting competitor. For the first time in 2012, the Dodgers were held to only two touchdowns, and both of those were scored in the second quarter. Over the course of the season, they won eleven hard fought games and made their way undefeated into the regional championship. Madison is honored to have played them for such a prestigious title. “They definitely knew how to shut down our running game,” said captain and quarterback Carson Lassiter.

On the season, Lassiter says that it has felt like a “bittersweet ending.” The camaraderie that has developed between him and his teammates is unbelievable, and it is hard to imagine what it will be like for them to play apart. Carson Lassiter and Matt McDonald are both looking to play college football, but neither have committed to a particular team or league. Star running back Justin Goodwin, however, has committed to playing for the Rutgers Scarlet Knights.

The only question now is the future. Will Madison see continued success or will the seats left by this awesome class prove impossible to completely fill? Michael Ubertaccio, junior starting lineman, is optimistic. Working hard in the weight room, and just “getting after it” will prove instrumental in their battle for continual success.

Ubertaccio mentions Patrick Zimmerman and Noah Gertler as potential replacements for the cast of seniors that will be graduating this year. David Luttinger, a sophomore with multiple varsity touchdowns, is also a candidate. However, Ubertaccio claims that who ultimately gets the spots will be “whoever wants to step up.”

Both Lassiter and Ubertaccio expressed their gratitude to the Madison community for their spectacular support.  With the excellent foundation we have in the junior football program, Madison should expect nothing less than continued success in the upcoming seasons of Varsity Dodger Football.