Upcoming Movies in December

Celeste Post, Arts & Entertainment Editor


As we get into the thick of winter, there’s nothing better than hunkering down and watching a movie. Check out these great up coming releases!


December 14 – The Hobbit

Based off of the famous book that made the set up for Lord of the Rings, this movie is promised to either hit the nail dead on, or miss with epic proportions. Many eager and critical fans are awaiting the premier of this promising movie. Keep an eye on the Dodger Online for some movie reviews from our staff!


December 19 – Monsters Inc. 3D

Anyone born in the 90’s generation can remember the Monsters Inc. movies, and it can be promised that the theaters will be filled with the now teenagers who are eagerly awaiting this long time coming sequel. It’ll be interesting to see what great minds will think of decades later after the original Monsters Inc. franchise, and even though to the young kids this will be just another movie, to my generation this is a test of how great Hollywood really can be. Will the film live up to our expectations?


December 25 – Les Miserables

For theater lovers and movies lovers a like, this movie is a must-see. With big names like Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried, and Hugh Jackman, this musical/movie event is going to make history as one of the first film-musicals to incorporate live singing. The actors did not record their singing in a studio three months before shooting, but as they were shooting, reminiscent of what would happen on stage during an actual  live performance. Previews promise a film as gripping and emotional as the musical