Argo Movie Review

Maura Fennelly, Writer

The gripping and suspenseful drama Argo was an amazing and accurate description of the true story that took place in Iran in 1979. There was tension for months between the American and Iranian governments because the United States supported the Shah’s government in Iran, which many Iranians did not agree with. The Shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was extremely disliked by many Iranians and the U.S. involvement in the Shah was the primary cause for the infiltration in 1979.

Ben Affleck stars as Antonio Mendez, a CIA agent who comes up with a brilliant idea to save six Americans that are hiding out at the Canadian Embassy in Tehran. The American embassy workers escaped when the U.S. embassy was infiltrated by a mob of Iranians. Mendez decided to create a fake Canadian sci- fi movie that took place in Iran, made the hostages be “actors” in the movie, and brought them to America. It was very difficult to convince the head of CIA that the plan would actually be successful.

Alan Arkin stars as Lester Siegel, a real Hollywood producer, and John Goodman stars as John Chambers, a movie make-up artist. Bryan Cranston stars as Jack O’ Donnell who held a pivotal role in coordinating the timing of the rescue.

The 120-minute film was a very accurate depiction of the famous hostage crisis in American History. Affleck and Cranston added intensity and drama to the film.  The movie also had a humorous side with Arkin and Goodman acting as real moviemakers faking a movie. I would recommend the movie to anyone who is interested in history, or any type of drama. The film is rated R because it is a bit violent and has explicit language. As soon as you get the chance, go and see Argo.