Emily Fritze, Writer

Every year students graduate high school without knowing what they want to do. They don’t have any answers to the questions high school teachers are constantly asking. They don’t know what the want to do. And they don’t know where they are going, but someday they know they will get to where they want to be, wherever that may be.

Everyone knows that precocious freshman who knows every single aspect of their future;“ I’m going to go to MIT study to be an engineer, then minor in Spanish and move to Europe.” It’s great to feel that way, but the fact of the matter is that things change, and sometimes your intricate plans of what you want to do change too. When I asked senior Becca Johnson if she had plans for her future she replied with an enthusiastic “no no no.” It wasn’t that she seemed lost, in fact she knew what influenced her, “ When I have a good teacher it makes me more inclined to like the subject, so it has made me think about being a teacher.” She also told me that she thought about doing something with English as well, but Becca hasn’t fully put it together yet, and that’s okay. In fact, figuring out what you want to do a little later down the road has become more popular over recent years. According to Dr. Fritz Grupe, 80% of students come into college not knowing what they want to do. Many colleges now even have programs for these “undecided” students to help them choose a career path. The fact of the matter is that some kids have know what they’ve wanted to do since they were five, and others still don’t know. But whether you’re undecided or ready to jump into your major tomorrow, you’re still on your way.