Student Council Elections Heat Up

Lainie Rowland, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Student Council Elections usually take a backseat here at Madison High School. Many students are unaware of the existence of the student council as an umbrella organization over the class councils. Their actual differences are shrouded in ambiguity and almost mythical status within their role in common high school lore.

During the 2011-2012 school year, candidates that ran unopposed filled every position. Many of the sophomores, juniors and seniors were in fact surprised by the attention the elections garnered this year because they claimed that there was no voting last year. This stark contrast between the precedent of passivity in school government elections and the intensity of the campaign period has shaped a new atmosphere towards student council from the student body.

With the ticket of seniors Kevin Reichek, Eric Lehmann, Kim Marotta and Dan Ahn running against the junior ticket of Emily Yates, Kelly Quinn, Tara Geier and Devlin Byrne, all running for their respective positions, campaigning was more intense than ever. In addition, junior Ryan Lam ran for Treasurer and sophomore Georgia Turvey ran for Corresponding Secretary. All the candidates plastered the hallways, bathrooms and nooks and crannies of the school with their posters and flyers.

The tension increased when the senior candidates arrived at school with candy to hand out to prospective voters. This resulted in a flurry of controversy, tweets and conversation, and caused the junior ticket to arrive the following school day carrying baskets of brightly wrapped Blow Pops. Says senior Billy Kennedy, “I felt as if the system was corrupt.” In addition to this, many of the seniors felt a general resentment towards the competition from underclassmen.

All this built up to the final vote and tally during third block on Friday, October 12th. The newly elected student council officers are: Emily Yates for President, Kelly Quinn for Vice President, Tara Geier for Corresponding Secretary, Dan Ahn for Treasurer and Georgia Turvey for Recording Secretary. The results show cross ticket voting and have perhaps ushered in a new age of student government.