The Pacific is Worth the Watch

Scott Spelker, Broadcast Journalism

The Pacific is an action packed and gripping docuseries which follows US Marines on their crusade to liberate the free world.

The Pacific follows the same formula as Band of Brothers. It follows a group of soldiers as they experience the brutal hell of WW2 combat. The Pacific offers a perspective that is often overlooked in historical shows, an upfront look at the savagery of the pacific theater. One stark contrast between BoB and The Pacific is that the latter depicts warfare in a much more brutal and hectic light. 

The Pacific stays historically accurate almost to a T. Nearly all of the characters in the show were real people who fought for our country. I believe that the writers did a great service to the men who served by keeping the show historically accurate and not taking any creative liberties that would degrade the sacrifice of the soldiers. One of the most special depictions is that of John d Basilone, a medal of honor recipient and NJ native who held off wave after wave of Japanese banzai assaults at Guadalcanal. 

However the show is not without its flaws. Unlike Bob, which follows easy company from Normandy all the way to the end of the war, the pacific lacks a coherent structure. Some episodes are focused entirely on Basilone while others follow Snafu and his mortarmen or Leckie. This lack of coherence can make the show confusing at times as it bounces back and forth between different subplots and locations. While I would say that The Pacific has gripping and accurate battle scenes, it lacks character development and depth, making it seem more like a compilation of battle scenes than a progressive and linear story.