Modern Family a Must Watch

Justen Morales, Broadcast Journalism

In 2009 Jason Winer brought families all over the world a show called  Modern Family and right off the bat it became a hit show. If you haven’t seen it, you should turn on your TV right now

The show Modern Family is about one big family. There is Cam and Mitchell Pritchett who’s daughter is Lily. Mitchell’s sister is Claire Dunphy who is married to Phil Dunphy with three kids: Hayley, Alex and Luke Dunphy. Then there is Mitchell and Claire’s Dad, Jay Pritchett, with his wife Gloria and her sons, Manny and Joe.

The show is a comedy sit down and it puts smiles on everyone’s faces. The show covers a whopping 11 seasons and 250 episodes. The great thing about Modern Family is that you don’t have to watch the episodes  in order. You can find the show on Hulu where they have all the seasons and episodes.

The show Modern Family is a very good show. It is more appropriate for kids 10+ but it is a great show for you and your family to pop popcorn, sit on the coach and watch. There are a lot of episodes so it will take awhile to finish but what makes it better is there is always a new one to watch. It is very funny when the old white American is dating the young Spanish girl raising little kids and a gay couple raising a young girl and how their lives are changed. Then you can’t forgot about the Dunphy’s who have a naïve oldest child, a smart young middle child and a goofy, clumsy youngest boy. If you want to have a good laugh you should check out this show. The only part about that show is there is no real plot which is a good thing and bad thing because if you are thinking about watching to be on edge this is not the show for you but if you want to put on a random episode this show will deliver the message

 The show sadly ended in 2020 with a very heartfelt episode. The show had a very good and long run going for 11 years and multiple Emmy awards. If you haven’t watched it yet after reading this it is a good show for all families to see