Gabes: Best Bagels Around

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Rileigh Baggett, Broadcast Journalism

Arguably, the best spot within a 10 mile radius for a breakfast sandwich like a bacon, egg and cheese or a taylor ham, is Bagel Chateau. Bagel Chateau has been a staple for Madison for many, many years. However, a new competitor came into play a few years ago, and they topped Bagel Chateau’s plain bagels. If you are in the mood for a simple, yet delicious bagel, Gabes Bagels in Chatham is the way to go. 

The cream cheese options are endless with plain, scallion, everything, strawberry, and many more. Not to mention any kind of bagel you want, they have. With their fluffy, warm bagel and perfectly spread cream cheese, it is hard to compete with such a delectable taste. 

If you call in an order for pickup, you can expect it to be packaged and ready, awaiting your taste buds. They are inclusive and have gluten free and dairy free options, so that everyone can enjoy the experience. 

It is inexpensive, and if you go at the right time of day, they sometimes throw in a few extra for free. You won’t find that kindness at any other bagel place nearby. 

Personally my favorite part about Gabes is the cream cheese or butter ratio. Gabes is the only place that I feel has mastered the perfect amount of spread to put on the bagel. It is not too much that the taste overpowers the bagel and you feel as though you are just trying to swallow down a lump of cream cheese, and it is not too little that it’s a mouthful of a dry bagel.

Next time you are craving the ideal breakfast or afternoon pick me up, make your way to 650 Shunpike Rd in Chatham.