Phoebe Bridgers – Day After Tomorrow (Single)


Phoebe Bridgers – Day After Tomorrow (Single)

Sam Cohen, Staff Writer

Genre: Folk, Ambient Pop

Recommended for: Fans of Sufjan Stevens, Julien Baker, Lana Del Rey, The Microphones

Thoughts: On this single, Phoebe Bridgers covers Tom Waits’ “Day After Tomorrow”. The lyrics tell the story of a soldier in Iraq writing home to his family, and Phoebe was able to convey the emotions of the song perfectly. Slow and melancholy vocals are beautifully mixed with acoustic guitar and a choir to create an acute feeling of yearning. In addition, the proceeds from the song will go to The International Institute of Los Angeles – The Local Integration & Family Empowerment Division, a charity that helps refugees, immigrants, and survivors of human trafficking get back on their feet. This was a great song to help out with a great cause, and I am looking to hear more music from her in the future.

Rating: 8/10