Student Spotlight: Zach Green


Libby Johnson

Theo’s Organic Lip Lube.

Libby Johnson, Writer

While most high school students wait to get into the “real world” before even thinking about going into business, senior Zach Green (ZG) has already started his own. Along with a couple of friends, he started Theo’s Organic, a lip balm company. Madison Dodger Online interviewed him about his business and experience with it.

MDO: What inspired you to start your own business?

ZG: The Spirit of Capitalism. Well, My friend Theo Rabke started off trying to replicate a lip balm that he had found online but that the seller had stopped making. After creating a recipe and fine-tuning the product, he shared some with his friends, including me. Soon people were asking to buy more of the product, and we decided to formalize the operation as Theo’s Organic.

MDO: What is your favorite part about having this business?

ZG: I love being able to be both productive and hang out with my great friend and business partner, Theo.

MDO: How successful have you been?

ZG: I think we are up to over 300 tubes sold now. We have our LLC so we are a legit business and can get sued and everything. Our balm is sold in a couple of stores in Harding and a few other places.

Best of luck to Zach Green and his blossoming enterprise!