Madison’s Fall Drama Kills

Madisons Fall Drama Kills

John Csatlos, Staff Writer

The school play at Madison High School began this Thursday the 18th. This year’s fall drama is Murder on the Orient Express. Shows are November 18th at 6:30pm, 19th at 7:00pm, 20th at 2:00pm and the 21st also at 7:00pm. 

Murder on the Orient Express is originally a book written by Agatha Christie in 1934. It was later turned into several movie adaptations, the first being done in 1974, as well as a popular remake in 2017. They were filmed in parts of Switzerland, Malta and New Zealand. 

The Dramatic Dodgers will be performing Ken Ludwig’s adaptation of the play, being the first high school to do so. The show has a run time of 2 hours with an intermission and will once again be directed by Ms. Radcliff.

Murder on the Orient Express takes place in 1935 on a train, the Wagon-Lit’s “Orient Express.” When a large snowstorm halts the train, one passenger finds a very wealthy man, Samuel Ratchett, played by senior Carson Pacheco, locked in his own room, dead. So, it’s up to the detective aboard, Hercule Poirot, played by senior, Aidan McCullough, to find the murderer before he and the others become casualties. Additionally, Kyra Longenecker is playing Mary Debenham, Gui Pereira will be playing Monsieur Bouc and Gavin McGinn is Colonel Arbuthnot.

When asking Assistant Director, senior Gianna Izzo, about the play, she said, “It’s one of the most complex shows I’ve worked on, but also one of the most fun shows I’ve worked on.” Izzo previously served as Assistant Director for last year’s drama, It’s a Wonderful Life

Tickets can be bought online here. It’s going to be a great show so make sure to grab tickets before they’re gone!

Ben Preston, Sam Klepper, Gianna Izzo